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Entering and Exiting: A Door Blog

Finding the Right Commercial Garage Door for Your Needs

by Brad Barnes

Commercial garage doors can be rather expensive, and as with any big purchase, it is important to consider the available options. If you think that the bulky metal doors characteristic of a warehouse are your only options for commercial garage doors, you might be surprised at the range of energy efficient, attractive, and specialty doors that are now on the market. Whether you live on a back country farm or own an inner-city warehouse, rest assured you can find the perfect fit for your building.

Architectural Doors

When you hear the words 'commercial garage door,' glass-paned and stylish options may not come to mind, but many companies now offer an "architectural series" meant for the consumer with design in mind. Luxury car dealers, restaurants, and firehouses are now exploring these options and have had immense success. Generally, the frame of the door is made with lightweight aluminum and the inner glass windows ensure the area inside is filled with light.

Energy-Efficient Options

Another factor to consider when looking for your next commercial garage door is the energy efficiency of your building. The base material for this type of door is steel, and by purchasing one insulated with polyurethane (or another thin yet efficient material), you could be saving hundreds or thousands every year in utility costs. Energy-efficient commercial doors also come in multiple colors, door patterns (like ribbed or flush), and windows if needed.

Special Features

In addition to the wide variety of materials available, many companies offer helpful add-on features that will make your commercial garage door unique to your property. For example, small pass-doors may be beneficial for agricultural properties where people will likely go in and out without needing to open the entire garage. They are cost effective and won't affect the insulation of your door.

Another special feature to consider is a screen door to improve air flow and light availability inside your garage. These can be made of either security chain link or a less-durable screen material depending on your needs. These are best if you would like to add ventilation, pest control, or even an added security measure to your facility.

The last notable special option you should be aware of is dock seals. Depending on the location of your facility, you may want these seals to reinforce the edges of your commercial garage door and keep the weather outside.

As a last tip, always make sure to do your research before purchasing. Speak with a representative from a company like AAA Panels & Garage Doors for further help.