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Entering and Exiting: A Door Blog

3 Useful Tips For Choosing Bathroom Shower Screens

by Brad Barnes

Modern bathroom renovations are generally a stimulating process. You have the opportunity to play around with different colours, materials and exciting fixtures to revitalize your bathroom space. Installing shower screens is a great place to begin. Shower screens are a great addition when it comes to hygiene, as well as accentuating the aesthetics of your bathroom. However, finding a product that fits and suits your specific needs can be challenging. Here are a few tips for selecting shower screens for your property.

Your budget

Shower screens are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, styles and colours. All these factors will impact the overall price of the product you want to purchase. Therefore, how much you are willing to spend is a helpful filter for figuring out your options. Fortunately, budgetary constraints don't necessarily mean poor options. You have an extensive variety of shower screens to choose from, such as framed, semi-frameless and frameless designs. It is worth noting that framed shower screens offer the most value for money, especially for homeowners with smaller budgets.

Available bathroom space

The space in your bathroom is a significant constraint that will determine the size of the shower screens you can install. Taking the correct measurements of your shower area as well as the surrounding area is critical. If you have a smaller bathroom space, frameless shower screens are perfect for your shower area. They have fewer attachments and therefore take up less space in your bathroom. Additionally, a sliding door will make full use of the available space without being an impediment. On the other hand, if you have a generous bathroom space, you are not limited in choice. Framed, frameless and semi-frameless shower screens would work pretty well. You also have the option of installing a hinged door to secure the shower area without worrying about using up too much space. 

Easy maintenance

Cleaning your shower screens can be a pretty challenging activity, especially if you choose the wrong screen for your bathroom. Soap, grime and other sediments tend to accumulate on shower surfaces quickly. If not cleaned regularly, they can host disease-causing germs, produce pungent odours and also be very nasty to come into contact with. Therefore, you must choose shower screens that are easy to clean and readily accessible. For example, clear glass is much easier to clean than tinted or frosted glass. Frameless shower screens are also a fantastic choice for easy maintenance. Unlike the framed and semi-frameless shower screens, they have fewer fixtures, nooks and crannies where grime can accumulate.