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Entering and Exiting: A Door Blog

Do you love solid wood doors, hallow-core doors, French doors, screen doors, security doors, garage doors or any other type of door? If you said yes, we have that in common. Hello. My name is Pat, and I take doors seriously. Whether I'm hanging a bedroom door for my kids, buying new doors for my rental properties or advising a real estate client on new doors, I take the task seriously, and I spend a lot of time researching. After years reading about and testing multiple types of doors, I have decided to share my wealth of knowledge. Please explore, and I hope you like what you find.


Entering and Exiting: A Door Blog

    Comparing Garage Doors: Sectional, Roller and Tilt Doors

    If you're planning to build a house, renovate, or repair your garage door, you have the option of choosing a sectional door, a roller door or a tilt door. Sectional doors open by reclining to the ceiling of your garage. Roller doors spin over a drum wheel located above your door while tilt doors, slant and lift to open. Read on to compare these designs and find out which one best fits your needs.